So here we go again with the challenges lol.

As stated before I absolutely LOVE to test the limits and figure out just what I can do if I put my mind to it.

We can do anything right?

So now I am trying out this new challenge of a mile a day for twenty days.

I think I am going to need some more Nike’s after this one.

So why do it?

Because there is absolutely nothing you can lose from doing it. You can only gain positive things once you commit to a fitness challenge like this. I want to be way more active than I am right now and I believe that this is an awesome way to do so.

When am I starting?


Too soon?

Well, it’s better now than never right?

What is the hold up? At least it’s a couple of months before Thanksgiving so that’s not stopping me or you.  This moment is the absolute perfect time to do something great.

What if it rains?Snows?Too hot outside?

If I wait for the perfect conditions to do something then not only will I fail every time the moment ISNT perfect but I will also not be trained to withstand all other conditions.


Where to Run?


How many times do you pass a park on the way to work or better yet, A SIDEWALK. Most of us have gym memberships that are calmly collecting dust as we speak.

I will be utilizing my $10 planet fitness membership. I will also run around my neighborhood as well as downtown Atlanta where I spend most of my time.

I’m so excited you guys!

If you want to embark on this challenge with me here are some tips below to get you started and on the right path!

  • Stay hydrated! Nothing kills more than a dehydrated body especially when your running!
  • Don’t stall on the vege’s. Broccoli, carrots, spinach, cauliflower and so much more are perfect for getting these necessary nutrients
  • Slow and Steady wins your race. If you have to walk a bit then walk! Don’t make this difficult for yourself. What’s important is that you keep going.
  • Energy=Protein. Grab some Greek yogurt in the morning or eat some walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds etc. These foods are packed with protein so fuel up!
  • Find out in advance which time works best for you. If you’re not a morning person then commit to doing workouts in the evening after work.  I get the most out of my workout in the morning because it starts my day off the right way.
  • Chart all of your progress! You will be amazed at how far you have come once you see the progress. Try it out and see how you compare to yourself!

So make that playlist and get moving!!

To post updates, questions and progress head over to my Facebook Page now!


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