So it’s definitely Winter Season and I am soooo ready to get out there with my dark lip, shades and a short cut!

No seriously.

That is exactly what I think about when I think about Fall. I love how the leaves begin to change color as we transition into a new season. Its so chilly outside now and I swear it came out of nowhere! Atlanta was 41 degrees this morning and I was definitely now prepared!

Since November is here, I have a some Winter Favorites that I want to share with guys! Most of these items cost me less than $10 so it is soo reasonable for the average person.

Shopping on a budget is must nowadays! I may do two posts on November favorites because I am still getting ready for this chilly season.

So here is my first round of Fall Favorites!

  • Burgundy Lip

This is from Nicka K New York(Eggplant Color) and I love the fact that it is a 24 hour Lip Stick because anytime wear a dark lip it fades almost instantly and it is soooo annoying!!


  • MAC Cosmetics Highlighter

This highlighter is called Global Glow and I absolutely love it because it gives a natural highlight to your cheekbone. I’m not extremely great at makeup(yet!) so this is a great starter makeup for me and it works.


  • Cantu Moisturizer

Now since cutting my hair this January, finding a curl moisturizer that works well for my hair has been a deep struggle mine so thank goodness I found this hidden jewel (pun intended). It enhances my thick 4C curl and I love it!


  • The Miracle Morning Book

This book has become the center of my life recently because it is starting to change my perception of waking up in the morning. I have always disliked the morning ever since I was a child and because of this I would be super late to class growing up. Hal Elrod did a great job demonstrating how he took back his mornings and became more efficient by doing so. Definitely a Must-Read!


  • Essie Pink Nail Polish

90% of the time I am wearing dark colors but its something about adding a little pink to your ‘fallness’ every now and then. Its adds a softness to this cold fall vibe.


  • Purple Nail Polish

Speaking of darkness, you cant forget about a classic dark nail polish to set it off!


  • False Lashes


Every girl needs some good falsies. Having these bad boyz on deck is so crucial to finish off a beautiful face. Sometimes you don’t even need makeup, all you need are some cute reasonable falsies. These L.A. Colors ‘BEL950 Foxy’ set is only $3 from the dollar store you guys!


  • Thomas Paul-Follow your Dreams Book

So I do some impulsive Target shopping once every couple of months and these are one of things that I found. Its super convenient and keeps my days in order.


  • H&M Sunglasses

So on my Instagram I had a poll and asked my followers whether or not I should purchase these $9.99 circle frames and the masses spoke to me! They said yes and so did I. I like how they go with my short cut and big earrings.


  • Modern Rings

These silver rings are so modern and chic it just flows with everything. I love how simple it is.


  • Knee High Boots

Shout out to Macys for having these high knee boots that are super comfy and perfect for the Fall and Winter Months! I have always loved me some boots but now I am super obsessed with high knew boots/heels.


Let me know some of your Winter Favorites!

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