Kalisha Bradley is such an amazing creative fashion influencer and style blogger that brings a chic style to the table and a distinct eye for trends!! I absolutely enjoyed exploring her blog page and looking at all of her looks which inspires me to even think outside of the box. She is truly a creative to look up to and follow especially when it comes to her amazing Instagram page! 

So check out her Interview with JIXXM below and learn all about the amazing Kalisha Bradley!


  1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? My name is Kalisha, I am 24 years old, and I am from Nashville, Tn. I am a fashion student, entrepreneur, wardrobe stylist, and fashion/style blogger. I have always had a profound passion for fashion since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having my own fashion line. My fashion line “Muse & Melrose” is my pride and joy! I started my company a year and a half ago with my best friend and it has been such an amazing experience witnessing my business blossom! I currently work as the stylist assistant to celebrity stylist Jeremy Haynes, who is also my mentor. Working with him has been such a blessing and humbling experience.
  2. Take us through a typical day in your life? A typical day in my life is pretty hectic! Lol, I always have my hands full with something whether it is something pertaining to school, helping Jeremy, my business, or working on content for my blog. Although I am always busy I am totally cool with it, simply because I am doing what I absolutely love to do. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way!
  3.  Can you tell us about your blog, and what inspired you to start it? My blog “KalishaShonta” is a fashion/style blog that reports the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, and my personal style. I aspire to spread my knowledge to others to help them achieve dope looks for less! I started my blog because I have an undeniable love for all things fashion and I enjoy sharing that love with the world!
  4. How would you describe your own personal style? I would describe my personal style as classic with lots of sophistication. I love mixing classy with a little bit of sexy without baring too much skin! Lol
  5. What do you think will be the next big hit fashion wise for next season? Bold colors and baring shoulders are a huge hit for spring/summer 2017
  6. What are some of your current fashion obsessions? My current obsessions are florals, mix & match prints, bare shoulders, and high slits!
  7. What is your top style tip? My top style tip would have to be never let the clothes wear you! Your style reflects who you are as an individual.
  8. Where do you see your blog in the next five years? In the next five years, I would love for my blog to be very successful, I would love to be traveling to London, Paris, and Milan sitting front row at fashion week to report the latest fashion trends to my readers. I would love to work with the top beauty brand, and fashion designers as well!
  9. Who inspires you? There are so many people that inspire me, but two particular individuals that inspire me the most are my mentor Jeremy Haynes who is a celebrity stylist and one of the top fashion bloggers Beverly Beal of “Life in Beverly Heels”.  They are so humble, loving, and both are killing the fashion scene!
  10. What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered? I want my legacy to be remembered as the powerful woman who isn’t scared to conquer every dream and goal that I have set for myself. When someone mentions my name I want people to say that chick slays!!!!!

This young woman is definitely making moves and breaking into the fashion scene! Check out some of her looks below!

To check out her amazing blog and subscribe visit her website http://www.kalishashonta.com/  and her Instagram!



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