I had the chance to interview the amazing Mallory Hunter and she has one of the most visually appealing Instagram accounts I have seen. The pictures that she takes is so full of expression and character that one cannot help but want to know exactly how she creates so much beauty on her page!

So check out her interview below and learn all about Mallory Hunter!


1.Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! My name is Mallory Hunter. I live and work in Atlanta, GA. I am a nurse injector, which basically means I am an RN that injects botox and filler. I’m married and have two babies (one human, one fur).

2. Take us through a typical day in the life of Mallory?
A typical day for me normally looks like: wake up at 7AM. Do the usual morning routine. Love on my family. Coffee (duh). Hop in the car for my half hour commute to work. I usually work 8:30AM-4PM which can include injecting or assisting the physician with his usual duties. Hop back in the car for my commute home which can take anywhere around an hour. Love on my family more. Play with my baby boy and do his usual nighttime routine. An exercise of some sort. Walk the puppy. Feed me and my husband. Pick up the house. Work on Beautycounter, color, cross-stitch. Read/watch Netflix re-runs. Lights out. My day can vary but this is what it normally includes!
3.Can you tell us about your insta-blog, and what inspired you to start it?
I actually had an Instagram prior to the one I have now (I deleted it for a various amount of reasons). I re-uploaded my new Instagram (that I have now) with a purpose for growing community and using it as a public/personal diary. My Instagram over the last few years has changed directions a few times from being SUPER personal to a place where I put a snapshot of my life with a snapshot of a word or phrase that I have in my head at that moment in time.
4. How would you describe your own personal style?
To tell you the truth, this is a difficult question for me to answer. I spend the majority of my week in scrubs, tennis shoes, or exercise gear so I rarely have moments in “normal clothing.” I suppose if I could describe my style it would be: laid back and simple. My “getting ready time” has to be simply being a mama!
5.What’s the one wardrobe essential you can’t live without?
I couldn’t live without my go-to jeans. I have a specific pair that fit like a glove and allows me to feel comfortable and in style. They are from Madewell so clearly they are made well…heh, see what I did there?
6. What’s the biggest tip you have for anyone wanting to start a personal blog?
Well I don’t have an actual blog but I suppose my biggest tip would be, “be yourself.” I think in this time period with so much access to everyone’s social/personal life, it can be easy to down play how amazing we are as individuals. Envy, jealousy, FOMO, etc can be and ARE super real. I just think it is a good reminder that we aren’t all living perfect snapshots of life. Life can be messy and beautiful and hard. Don’t shy away from the truth of what your life is because you are afraid it doesn’t look as cool or filtered as someone else’s you follow. Just be real, people support that.
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7. How do you handle being an awesome mom and keeping your page up to date?
I just try to create a balance in my day to day life. I honestly don’t spend too much time thinking about what I am going to post next, I just post what I want, when I want. I also don’t spend too much time “scrolling” because of everything I mentioned in my last answer (envy, FOMO, jealousy, sadness). I try to remind myself that my life is too precious to be spent waiting for likes or comments or wondering why I’m not doing what other people are doing. “Living life in the moment” being the motto, I suppose.
8. So I struggle with trying to be a great mom AND work two jobs. Do you have any tips pertaining to work/life balance because it seems like your doing well?
Once again, the word balance is the main thought here. My mom gave me huge advice before little Randy came along, that “my life is still my life, just with an added bonus!” So I put that advice to practice and still make time in my day to exercise, (even if for only 10 minutes a day!), practice yoga, meditate, read, color, or anything that makes me happy and feel centered. My health is a priority to me because if my mind doesn’t feel healthy, how can I properly perform my daily tasks while taking care of a little human?
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9. Where do you see your life in the next five years?
Honestly, this question has always been so hard for me. I know it’s hypothetical and a way to get you to think BUT my husband is an actor. So we are bound to move from time to time to support his dream! Thankfully my job can be found most everywhere now so I can easily flow from city to city. I do know a few things: I want to further my education and hopefully, have a master’s degree by then and I will have a 6-year-old (*gasp!), other than that, I’m not too sure!
10. You have some amazing photos:) What is your best tip for people to improve their photography?
First off, thank you!! I don’t consider myself a photographer at all but I would say just to take pictures of what makes you happy, edit how you think you should, and then share it on any platform you see fit! Do what makes you happy!
11.What do you want your legacy to be? 
Oh man, that’s heavy! I suppose that I was a good person who always tried to see the best in everyone. I really try to stay as positive as I can and I hope that can be seen and felt by the people around me.
12.  How do you want to be remembered?
That I was kind. That material things didn’t matter to me. That I worked hard to provide for myself and family. I suppose that’s all that matters in the end, right?didn’t matter to me. That I worked hard to provide for myself and family. I suppose that’s all that matters in the end, right?
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There you have it! Thank you Mallory for giving us such a great interview and inviting us into your life!
Check out Mallory Hunter’s Instagram by click ->>here<<- !! 
Love ya!!
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