Dear Jewel,

First of all, stop complaining.

Stop complaining about not having enough money to do what you want to do. You have 0 bills, 0 responsibilities, and a job. YOU ARE BLESSED AND SHOULDN’T BE STRESSED.

Don’t worry about your little boyfriend because in ten years it will absolutely not matter.

Stop complaining about not being allowed to go to Hammerjacks or Club Choices for the kiddie discos ( your mom was just trying to keep you young). (btw these were clubs)

Keep trying to be the best at every sport that you play. You have all of the heart in the world but I know you can’t figure out why you are among the first to get tired every time the team runs those 2 miles.

I have a secret to tell you…..


Yep, a teenager actually SHOULD give a crap about what they eat. crazy right?

Stop spending every single dime on clothes!! Save your little Sears and Marble Slab Creamery paychecks for a change. That $500 check can go a longgggg way.

When you think life is bad, just know that it will get worse.

but here’s the catch->It will be okay.

Keep practicing meditation and don’t worry about the people around you who judge you because you aren’t afraid of criticizing religion. You shouldn’t feel bad because you don’t fit in.

Keep going to the debate team to see whether or not you want to be a lawyer. Above all, you will learn how to value facts versus opinion.

Keep pushing to maybe one day be Vice President of your predominantly Caucasian school.

*hint* You will Win, but be prepared for some randomness.

Don’t be so hung up on becoming a Doctor just because it sounds good.

Keep drawing your fashion pictures trying to figure out the best outfits to wear. You will finally tap into this industry fully.

Oh and here’s a good one!! you are not fat for Christ sakes!! lol. You will be itching to get back to this weight when you hit college and gain that insane freshman 15.

Don’t sleep on Clark Atlanta, I know you wanted to go to Johns Hopkins and Howard University but CAU will be the school to change your life dramatically.

Practice sports not only doing the school year but during the summer too! Stop depending on people to run with you, shop with you or do anything. You know you can have a blast by yourself right.

You will gain friends and lose twice as many in the next 10 years. So WHAT!

Things happen and you just have to let them be. Let things flourish on their own without manipulation. People are interesting creatures and we have to always remember that.

And let go of that picture perfect idea of what your 20’s will look like. Or your 30’s or 40’s.

Cherish your family like it’s your first order of business.

Because when the times get rough, THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK and YOU WILL NEED THEM.

Whew. That was a lot of content.

But let me end it off with this.

JEWEL, most of all.

Know that you are beautiful.

And not beautiful from the outside.

But intrinsically beautiful.




and much more.

Stay Positive and Stay Woke.

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7 thoughts on “A Letter to My Teenage Self | Dear Jewel”

  1. So heartwarming!! It’s so funny to look back on our juvenile lives and remember all of the things that were thought were so important back then. If we only knew!

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