If you’re anything like me then you absolutely undeniably love wearing the color black.

I’m talking black shoes, black leather jackets,ultra-black eyeliner, black black and more black! It is truly an obsession of mine!

I’m talking about the endless amounts of black items I have in my closet. Black shoes, black chokers, black earrings, black leggings(yes I still rock my leggings), black t-shirts, black dress shirts, black pants, black jackets, and the list goes on and on and on.

I wonder why. Is it the fact that black clothes make us look slimmer? Or that it conceals us in a way. Or that it actually makes us look sexy, authoritative and cool. Who knows. But what I do know is that I need to stop buying black! I’m looking up at my closet right now and I swear 70% of my clothes are black! lol. That is a shame y’all!

I got this DSW gift card for my bday and forced myself to purchase these forest green wedges that matched my skin tone perfectly. (Not as perfect as black but whatev)

I am so happy that I got these instead of the black heels that were calling my name because I need to step outside of my comfort zone. Being in Atlanta is a blessing and a curse because you are so excited up to dress up and look good because it’s all about fashion here but then on the other end, people do the MOST.

So when it comes to clothing, you’re either going to wear black or lots of other colors.

Unfortunately, I tend to shift towards the former and I love it!


I will honestly make an effort not to wear this beautiful color as much.

So I leave you with this.

Dress to impress, don’t sweat it:)

only the world is watching.


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